SOLAGEN Rotary Dryer Systems

SOLAGEN’s 35 years of experience has taught us that developing an exceptional drying system begins with experienced process engineering and equipment designs that are tailored to suit the specific material and load to be dried. We pioneered the satellite center flighting design for single pass dryers which has now become the industry standard. In addition, many other unique features like bolt-in flighting, replaceable tracks, and drive teeth allow for greater longevity at a lower maintenance cost.

Rotary Dryer Systems are available with these features:

  • Industrial quality for continuous operation
  • Single and triple pass designs
  • High efficiency with integration of stack gas recycle technology
  • Systems can be direct fired or can utilize waste heat as an energy source

SOLAGEN utilizes proprietary computer software that accurately models a system’s mass/energy balance. These tools assist our engineers in making the correct process sizing decisions so that actual performance meets, or exceeds, our client’s expectations. When coupled with any of our state of the art energy systems, there is no other manufacturer that can offer a more comprehensively designed system.