SOLAGEN Heat Energy Systems

In simple terms, SOLAGEN provides the best heat energy systems in the industry. We stand out as the only manufacturing company with the versatility to offer combustion systems capable of utilizing any available fossil or biomass fuel. These systems are designed and manufactured in-house, ensuring a perfect match with our rotary dryers, steam and hot water boilers, thermal oil heaters, and other process heating systems.

Depending on your budget and fuel type, SOLAGEN offers these technologies:

  • CycloTherm for budget conscious, dry biomass fuel applications up to 50 MM Btu/hr
  • EnerTek register style burners in single, dual, and tri-fuel incarnations up to 168 MM Btu/hr
  • Ultra-low NOX EnerTek versions integrating staged combustion for biomass fuels with high FBN
  • Underfeed stokers for commercial duty, wet biomass applications
  • Air and water cooled HDF stokers for biomass pellets or briquettes
  • ReciproTherm, step-grate, wet fuel combustors up to 200 MM Btu/hr

SOLAGEN offers two flexible approaches to cater to our clients’ needs in the provision of comprehensive heat energy systems. In the first option, we provide a fully integrated system where we serve as the single point of supply, taking on the responsibility of guaranteeing a specified quantity of hot water, steam, or hot thermal fluid. In this scenario, we deliver high-quality components such as heat exchangers, damper components, breeching and ducting, system fans, and support structures.

Alternatively, we can supply only the combustion hardware directly connected to the client’s boiler, thermal oil heater, or rotary dryer. Ensuring the success of our heat energy systems, we integrate the engineering and supply of support hardware. This includes PLC-based Burner Management Systems and process controls that adhere to NEC, UL, and NFPA codes and recommendations. SOLAGEN is also fully equipped to provide fuel metering, storage, and transport systems, along with all necessary system refractory.

With the growing demand for bioenergy alternatives, SOLAGEN has developed small-scale steam, hot water, and thermal fluid hardware to meet commercial applications. Several rural communities have already benefited from the installation of our wood chip and pellet fuel thermal heating systems. Each system is customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers, featuring the industry’s highest efficiency output combined with the lowest emissions.

EnerTek biomass dust suspension combustion

EnerTek fossil fuel combustion

HDF stoker biomass combustion

Reciprocating step grate biomass combustion