SOLAGEN Bulk Materials Handling Systems

SOLAGEN specializes in the design, supply, and manufacturing of comprehensive process flow systems tailored for the handling and storage of bulk solid materials. Our approach involves custom engineering for each system, ensuring it is specifically designed for the characteristics of the material being handled. The systems are characterized by robust design and construction, with the choice between pneumatic or mechanical conveyance methods, based on site-specific requirements.

Typical materials handled by our systems include wood chips, hog fuel, sawdust, shavings, and sanderdust. We also have extensive experience handling wood pellets, briquettes, and wood ash.

Product Line Offerings:

  • High or low pressure pneumatic conveying systems
  • Cyclones and multi-clones
  • Air density separators for removal of tramp material from product streams
  • High efficiency fuel transport fans
  • Storage silos with unloading hardware
  • Metering bins, hoppers, and fuel feeders
  • Screening systems
  • Belt, screw, flex auger, drag chain, bucket elevator, and flight conveyors