CAW- Wiesloch

Known for its tagline – “Best Engineering Made at Wiesloch” – and for its sophisticated engineering and highest reliability manufacturing, CAW Wiesloch is SOLAGEN’s premier partner for global projects. Over the last 15 years, we have partnered on both sides of the Atlantic to deliver state of the art solutions to some of the world’s most difficult engineering problems. Our common passion for exceeding customer expectations underlies our seamless project management.

Nestec, Inc

NESTEC is an OEM provider of air pollution control systems including thermal oxidation systems, wet electrostatic precipitators and wet scrubbers. These systems are incorporated as part of SOLAGEN dehydration systems.


WESTEC-AMERICA is a provider of triple-pass rotary dryer drums which are incorporated into SOLAGEN systems when clients prefer triple-pass dryer drums over single pass designs.

Boiler and Steam Systems, LLC

Boiler & Steam Systems provides to SOLAGEN high efficiency multi-cyclone particulate collectors for use in our rotary dryer, boiler and thermal oil systems.

WGL Technical, Inc.

WGL Technical works with SOLAGEN on the development of renewable energy projects in Canada.