SolaGen Incorporated


Rotary Drum Dryer

Unlike most of the newer companies on the pellet fuel energy scene for commercial and light industrial applications SolaGen has its roots in heavy industrial wood fuels applications, wood fuel preparation and pellet manufacturing facility design. Since 1985 SolaGen has been the company to go to for design of the largest pellet manufacturing facilities in North America. SolaGen has led the industry in solid fuel dust burners with sizes up to 150 million BTU/HR and in recycle gas technology which reduces stack gas emissions by 50 percent. SolaGen is the only US manufacturer of both large industrial wood drying systems and solid fuel combustors which utilizes a small portion of the dried material as fuel for the drying process. This familiarity with both aspects of the process gives SolaGen an unparalleled edge in this industry. These complex environmentally sensitive PLC controlled systems have met compliance in even the most stringent of air shed criteria here in the United States and Canada. This experience has come after over 30 years in the industry and is now being incorporated into SolaGen’s HDF-WC pellet stoker product line to produce a robust industrial grade product for your commercial and light industrial boiler applications.