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EnerTek Multi-fuel, 5-200 MM BTU/Hr Suspension Burner Systems
This burner product line incorporates dual or tri fuel capabilities for use with finely divided biomass, gas, or liquid fuels. Wide turndown ratios and low excess air requirements demonstrate this combustor’s superior performance and high efficiency. Available as an “Ultra-low” NOx version for difficult permitting applications. The EnerTek burner line is the standard bearer for all heavy industrial and utility duty cycle heating applications.

EnerTek Multi_fuel Fired Boiler
EnerTek Multi-fuel Fired Boiler and Thermal Fluid Systems
EnerTek burner technology can be incorporated with process steam, hot water, or thermal fluid applications. High heat release and flux rates allow successful integration with small combustion chamber volumes as typically found in package boiler hardware. An extremely cost competitive option for biomass firing in larger institutional or industrial applications.

CycloTherm, 2-60 MM BTU/Hr Burner Systems
This cyclonic style biomass burner is an economical alternative to fossil fuel combustion. A fully engineered, but simple, design promotes positive combustion conditions with a rotating combustion air stream. Fully modulating output rates make this combustor suitable for smaller drying applications when relatively clean biomass fuel is available.

ReciproTherm, 10-200 MM BTU/Hr Biomass Energy Systems  
This proven reciprocating grate combustor is ideal for use with difficult to burn biomass fuels. Fully capable of using fuels with moisture contents as high as 55% this combustor features high chrome grate bars, conservative heat release rates, generous furnace volumes, and automatic de-ashing. Ideal for hot gas generation with wet biomass fuel on rotary dryer applications.

ReciproTherm Boiler Ind
ReciproTherm Boiler and Thermal Fluid Systems
State-of –the-art hot water, steam, and thermal fluid systems that utilize the most difficult to handle and burn biomass fuels. High uptimes with low maintenance requirements assure continuous operation under adverse conditions.

Rotary Drum Dryer
Rotary Drum Dryer Systems
Designed to meet the specific evaporative requirements of the customer. Our single pass systems are designed and constructed to offer maximum evaporative production, minimal emissions, excellent moisture content control, and continuous use operation. Wide variety of energy source options as well as extreme duty construction available.

Bulk Material Handling
Bulk Materials Handling Systems
SolaGen offers wide experience with virtually all materials handling applications. Pneumatically based systems incorporate both low and high pressure designs. Mechanical conveying systems employed are belt, screw, drag chain, bucket elevator, and flight conveyors. Air Density Separators offer a solution for separating rocks and tramp material from biomass product streams.

Bulk Materials Storage and Metering Systems
SolaGen provides a wide variety of engineered solutions to meet the storage and metering needs of biomass processes. Metering bins are designed for the customer’s specific application to provide precise and even delivery rates to downstream hardware and are available in a variety of capacities.

Emission Control Processes and Hardware
Process solutions include utilization of exhaust gas recycle in drying systems provide for significant reductions in fuel costs and stack emissions. Various options including high efficiency cyclones, multi-cyclones, and fabric filters are available as well.

PLC Based Automation & Control Systems
SolaGen’s UL-508 panel shop facilitates advanced automation and control solutions for mill processes. PLC based burner management systems incorporated all safety features as specified by NFPA 85. Advanced HMI systems are fully integrated for maximum operator productivity.

State Forester
Biomass Pellet Plants
With more pellet plant designs than any other engineering group, SolaGen’s engineering services coupled with our process equipment will assure a seamless and successful project. Design criteria are based on your specific raw materials and project requirements including engineering interface support for other mill processes on an as needed basis.